About Us

About Us
by Craneburg Admin

Proudly Nigerian and privately owned. Craneburg Construction Company (Craneburg) is a national diversified general contractor and one of Nigeria’s largest private construction groups. We’ve built our reputation on being the most responsive, client focused partner in the industry with extensive Tier 1 and large corporation experience.

We have over 2000 staff located in our offices in Lagos, Ondo, and Rivers.

We work across all major sectors including oil and gas, marine (ports, wharf, marina, ferry terminal and concrete repair), manufacturing and government. Our core areas of operations are Building (commercial, residential, retail, healthcare, education, industrial) Civil Works (road, bridge, pavement), Electrical (procurement and installation) and Water Engineering (drainage, pipe installation, retaining structure).

Craneburg also has established a track record in delivering high quality developments. With an experienced construction team in-house, we specialise in working in joint venture with partners and stakeholders to unlock opportunities.

Press and Recognition

Best Corporate Customer 2017

Lagos State Safety Commission Award

Highest Volume Performance Award 2016