LafargeHolcim Concrete Road

Portfolio Categories: Civil Works and Roads and Bridges.

Project Details

Design and construction of the first concrete highway in Nigeria of approximately 10km.

  • Location: Calabar,  Cross River, Nigeria
  • Client: LafargeHolcim

Heavy goods vehicles often leave negative impact on
roadstead within a few years of usage, hence needing
repairs at frequent intervals. LafargeHolcim is a global
construction materials and solutions company, which
utilise such vehicles to and fro their plant in Calabar.
The challenge was to create a sustainable infrastructure
capable of resisting wear and tear.

Our Role

Craneburg was contracted for the design and construction of a 10-km long concrete highway, through swamp and dense bush. Craneburg adopted a unique construction approach in long-term value for our client.

Our method involved the basic concrete mix of portland cement, coarse aggregate, sand and water, with unique admixtures added to increase workability, reduce the required amount of water, mitigate harmful chemical reactions and improve its physical properties. This infrastructure conveniently bears heavy goods
vehicles and mitigates the traffic density on that route.