Sangotedo Housing Project

Portfolio Categories: Buildings and Civil Works.

Project Details

Location: Sangotedo
Client: Lagos State Government
Value: $26.6 Million
Duration: 16 Months

Sangotedo housing development is yet another collabo
ration with the Lagos State Government in achieving a
livable environment for its rising population. Craneburg
was contracted to construct the non-building civil works
of the estate.

Scope of Work

  • Design and construction of 5km of
    internal roads
  • Installation of 2Km HDPE PN 10 dia 300mm
  • Installation of 205Km uPVC distribution lines
  • Installation of 4 pumps 1000m3/hr
  • Supply and installation of:
    • 20 transformers 500KVA each
    • 200KVA, 33/415KV transformer
    • 15 MVA, 33/11 KV transformer
    • 33 KV control panel
    • 33KV outdoor voltage transformer
    • 33KV outdoor current transformer
    • 700m of  1*300mm 2*XLPE cable
    • 800m3 water tank
    • 1,650m3 concrete elevated water tank